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forced retirement

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It is reported that male\'s retirement age, in China, will gradually increase to 65 by 2030. Besides, Canada\'s central authority, in 2008, made an announcement to abolish the practice of its forced retirement. Judging from the above issues, Forced retirement seems to be not much of a good means to regulate employment, assure people of equal opportunities of employment or boom the economy.
Unluckily, forced retirement, carefully laid by our government, backfires- it to some extent hampers the healthy development of employment and embarrasses the Chinese financial officials. First, aging population is not a thing that only happens in developed or sparsely-populated countries. In fact, under the strict control of birth (namely, one-child plan), the population of the aged (ranging from 60) in China has reached 123 million in the late 2011, taking up around 10% of China\'s total population and surpassing that of Europe, which means, if all Chinese senior citizen are that obedient to take a timely retirement, they will definitely need great financial support and bring on vast spending to our government which is also and always in need of money. Besides, what emerges with falling birth rate and aging population is a decrease in working-age population. Should the senior citizens hustle about retirement, companies would suffer great losses, let alone the whole country, and the young couples both from only-child families would be obliged to take care of four parents- what a di...



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